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Warranty Deeds

Warranty deeds in Tucson

If you’re here in the Tucson area and you’re thinking about buying, selling or transferring real estate, you may need a warranty deed.

Tucson Legal Documents, LLC can help. We’re Tucson’s leading Certified Document Preparers, and we can help you create the right warranty deed and other necessary legal documents to complete the transaction.

The best warranty deed

When you’re transferring rights or ownership of real estate, it’s important to use the type of deed that best meets the objectives while protecting your interests.

Here in Arizona, several types of deeds are used – quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds and beneficiary deeds.

We specialize in all types of property deeds, and warranty deeds are very popular.

When describing a deed, the person or entity giving the deed (the seller) is called the grantor, and the recipient (buyer) is the grantee.

A warranty deed guarantees that the grantor has clear title to the property, and essentially provides a warranty against future claims on the title.

It’s important to understand that a general warranty deed covers a range of potential defects, whether caused by the grantor or by someone else prior to the grantor.

For that reason, a warranty deed is the preferred type anytime you want to ensure that the property has good title, especially when buying or selling property between people who aren’t family members.

A special warranty deed in Tucson

Sometimes the parties in a property transfer decide to limit the scope of the warranty strictly to potential defects arising from the grantor.

In those situations, expert legal document preparers such as our team here at Tucson Legal Documents, LLC can help you create a special warranty deed.

A special warranty deed provides the same conveyance and covenants of property rights as the general warranty deed, yet the grantor’s warranty covers only those defects and encumbrances caused by the grantor.

It doesn’t warrant against any defects which may have arisen from a prior titleholder.

Property deeds in Tucson

If you’re giving or receiving real property in Arizona, you’ll want an expert to prepare the right legal documents.

We can explain the available options and help you create the best deed to achieve your goals and protect your interests.

To learn more about Arizona property deeds, contact us today.

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