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Beneficiary Deeds

Beneficiary deeds in Tucson

Here in Tucson and throughout Arizona, beneficiary deeds are very popular.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we specialize in drafting beneficiary deeds to smoothly transfer interests in real property from one family generation to another.

We help Tucson property owners create the right deed, whether it’s a quit claim, beneficiary or warranty deed.

As southern Arizona’s leading source for legal document preparation services, we can help you create a beneficiary deed designed to avoid confusion and family squabbles at probate time.

Retain ownership, avoid probate

A beneficiary deed lets the property owner (grantor) avoid probate by naming a person or entity (grantee) that will receive the title when the owner passes on.

Beneficiary deeds are so popular because they allow elder family members to provide for a planned transfer of homes and other real estate without probate, while retaining ownership during their lifetimes.

It’s important to understand that the grantor’s property interest to be conveyed through the beneficiary deed won’t be transferred until the owner’s passing.

At that time, the interest is transferred automatically to the named grantee (or grantees).

Living trust or beneficiary deed?

Living trusts and beneficiary deeds both help you avoid probate, yet they go about it through different pathways.

With a beneficiary deed, the property owner retains full ownership control over the property.

And, the owner may sell or encumber the property without restriction, or change or revoke the deed at a later time.

Whatever your choices for property transfers and estate planning, Tucson Legal Documents, LLC can help by preparing the right documents.

The best deed for your Tucson property

Our Certified Document Preparers and paralegal team can help create the best deeds and other documents to securely buy, sell and transfer your property.

To learn more about the options for transferring property, contact us today.

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