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LLC in Tucson

Before you launch a business or property venture in Arizona, first you’ll need to create an LLC, also called a limited liability company, or other type of corporation.

The simplest and most popular type of corporation is the LLC or limited liability company. It’s the easiest way to start up and manage your business.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we specialize in helping local entrepreneurs create and build small businesses.

We can provide all the written documents needed to create and launch a business in any niche you choose.

The right Arizona LLC documents

In order to create an Arizona limited liability company, you’ll need a well written operating agreement and articles of organization.

The articles of organization list the ownership and representation of the company, while the operating agreement describes the management, control, accounting and operations of the company, as well as specifying how profits will be distributed.

Whether you’re planning to be in business on your own, or you’ll have other investors or family members as partners, we can help.

We can craft the right LLC documents to meet your exact objectives and help protect you from personal liability throughout the entire lifetime of your company.

What is a limited liability company?

An Arizona limited liability company is like a partnership if there’s more than one member, yet it also limits your personal liability just like any corporation.

Nowadays many LLCs have only one owner-member. This type of corporation is especially popular with small, independent business owners.

Arizona law also requires the appointment of a Statutory Agent, which is a person or business that acts as the company’s representative for purposes of accepting legal documents on behalf of the LLC.

The owner of the company can serve as the Statutory Agent, or he or she may choose a third party to fill this required role.

Why use an LLC?

In order to operate a business properly, you’ll need an LLC or other type of business entity.

Once you’ve created an LLC, you’ll be eligible to open a commercial bank account to accept payments from customers, and perhaps accept credit cards and other forms of payment available to established businesses.

An LLC can help limit your liability in case of a business-related problem that otherwise might prove costly.

For example, if your business operations were to cause an accident or create a loss for others, then the liability could be limited to the value of your business assets, thus protecting your personal assets.

LLCs are also useful for holding property, especially commercial real estate, and many people find tax advantages by doing so.

Tucson’s best corporate document service

If you’re thinking about starting a new business or real estate project, our team of Certified Document Preparers can help.

To learn more about the LLC incorporation process, contact us now.

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