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Power of Attorney

Power of attorney in Tucson

If you’re an adult and you live in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, you can authorize someone else to act on your behalf by granting them a power of attorney (POA).

A properly-written power of attorney lets you (the “Principal”) give your chosen representative (the “Agent” or “Attorney-in-Fact”) as much or as little authority as you wish.

Here in Arizona many people use a POA to allow a family member, close friend or business associate to oversee their finances, manage real and personal property, operate businesses, and many other tasks.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we can prepare a power of attorney tailored to meet your needs.

That way your agent will have exactly the authority that you want to grant him or her.

Common uses for POA in Tucson

We’re often asked to prepare POAs for the following purposes –

  • Receive and cash checks and other payments
  • Sell a motor vehicle or other valuable personal property
  • Sell real property
  • Permission to use property
  • Temporary custody of children, as during vacations or travel

Durable power of attorney in Arizona

As its name implies, a durable power of attorney is one which is designed to remain in effect, and it generally provides a broad range of powers.

It’s important to understand that a well-written POA allows your Attorney-in-Fact to do anything that you could do yourself, unless you specifically limit those powers.

Keep in mind that someone with your POA could withdraw money from your bank account, sell your property or even borrow money in your name.

So, you should think carefully before granting anyone a power of attorney, especially when there’s money involved.

If a general power of attorney seems too much authority, then a special power of attorney can be written to limit the scope of actions which could be taken on your behalf.

Arizona Health Care POA

Here in Arizona, a special Health Care POA is used to delegate authority another person when there are issues of health care or aging.

That’s because an ordinary durable power of attorney would automatically be considered invalid if the person who granted it becomes disabled or incompetent.

The Health Care POA is especially helpful for seniors and those with long-term health care issues because it provides for continuity of decision-making even during difficult times.

The best power of attorney for your needs

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we specialize in customizing the power of attorney to fit the situation while helping to protect your interests.

That way you’ll have confidence and peace of mind in knowing that you’ve given just the right power to the right person.

To learn more about the best power of attorney for your own needs, contact us now.

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