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Change Name of a Minor

Here in Arizona, you can ask the court to allow change name of a minor child younger than 18 years of age, if you’re the child’s parent or guardian and you file well-written legal documents in support.

When you want to ask a court to change your child’s name, you’ll need to be well-prepared beforehand with the right documents to be filed.

The wrong answers may lead to denial of your request to the court, and also create family hardships. So, it’s important to have your legal documents written correctly the first time.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we give you an expert yet low-cost way to complete the documents for a name change of your minor, without relying on expensive lawyers.

Our specialty is preparing law documents to resolve family issues. We’re passionate about providing families with affordable legal documents, especially for children.

No matter how confusing or difficult the written requirements may seem, we make it easier to change your child’s name.

Tucson’s best family law document service

As southern Arizona’s leading family legal document and paralegal service, we empower you to change your kid’s name yourself, usually without hiring a lawyer.

We’ll help ensure that the multiple legal documents required for name-change are drafted correctly to meet court requirements in Pima County and throughout Arizona.

It’s the smart alternative to attorneys’ high fees and “hourly billing” charges.

Keep in mind that other legal processes such as adding the father’s name to a birth certificate, correcting a birth certificate during the first five years after birth, and establishing paternity are each separate legal document processes that we can also help with.

Change of name for a minor child in Tucson

Tucson Legal Documents, LLC provides a full range of family law document services. No matter how complicated a child name change or family law issue may seem, we can help.

We’re often asked to prepare name change documents for parents with children living here in Tucson.

It’s usually because there’s a need for change of minor name following a divorce or adoption, especially since schools’ requirements vary considerably.

Our family paralegal team has the experience to help ensure that all required documents are properly written for your best filing presentation, so your child can qualify for name change.

Most important, we work hard to help your child have the name he or she deserves.

To learn more, contact us at Tucson Legal Documents, LLC today!

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