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Articles of Organization & Operating Agreements

To be successful in business here in Arizona, you’ll need a solid corporate foundation to build on. That means well-written legal documents including articles of organization and an operating agreement.

The biggest determinant of business success is good planning, which means forming your company properly with an eye toward protecting yourself as you grow and diversify.

If you have any employees, then you’ll certainly need a corporation to help shield you from potential liabilities arising from workplace or customer problems.

And, if there are partners involved, you’ll want to fully list all the corporate and operating details and responsibilities in your documents, in order to avoid ownership and profitability issues later.

Tucson Legal Documents, LLC can help. We’re southern Arizona’s leading corporate document preparation service.

We can help you create the perfect articles of organization and operating agreement to ensure that your business is still running smoothly long after launch.

Most importantly, we can help ensure that your corporate documents enable the company to grow as quickly as you want, while reducing business risks and limiting liability.

Articles of Organization in Arizona

The articles of organization is the legal document which is filed in order to create a company in Arizona.

If you want to start up a new business and perform necessary tasks such as opening a commercial bank account and perhaps meeting licensing requirements, you’ll need to form the right type of company first.

We can help. Tucson Legal Documents, LLC is southern Arizona’s best provider of corporate document services.

Our team of Certified Document Preparers gives you expertly-written articles of organization, operating agreements, amendments or changes to bylaws, as well as any other legal documents you may need.

The best operating agreements in Tucson

If you’re thinking about creating a business with partners, even (or especially) when they’re family and friends, it’s important to keep in mind that well-written corporate documents are the best way to avoid future questions about ownership and control.

The articles of organization lists only the basic information about a company, but the operating agreement describes in detail how much ownership interest each partner has, how the assets will be managed, and how profits will be divided.

We can help by writing an operating agreement to meet your exact requirements. That way, you’ll do business with confidence and peace of mind that your interests are protected.

Likewise, we also offer a full range of related legal document services including living trusts, property deeds, probate filings, divorce and family law documents, and more.

Corporate documents in Tucson

If you’re thinking about going into business, we can help speed you toward success.

We’ll work to help ensure that your corporate documents are ready for filing, and your interests are protected.

And, as your business grows and develops we’ll help you stay up to date with the necessary documents.

To learn more about incorporation documents in Arizona, contact us today.

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