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Wills and Living Trusts

If you’re an adult here in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, you’ll need to have a will, or perhaps a living trust.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we specialize in crafting wills and living trusts which accomplish your legacy goals.

Since we’re highly-experienced paralegal professionals and Certified Document Preparers instead of high-priced attorneys, we provide expertly written legal documents at an affordable price.

A will is a customized legal document by which you state your wishes regarding how your assets are to be distributed when you’re gone.

In your will you can name one or more reliable family members, or third-party professionals such as attorneys and accountants, as executor to oversee the final distribution of your estate.

Living trusts in Tucson

For many Tucson residents, a living trust offers more asset protection and control than a will alone could.

A living trust is created through a carefully written legal document which specifies how you wish to control, manage and distribute your assets in the future.

A trust empowers you to protect assets for the future while continuing to control them right now.

If you own real estate or a business, a living trust could help save your assets from the ravages of probate taxes and greedy family members.

This living trust method lets you retain control over assets during your lifetime, then ensures a timely transfer of businesses, real estate and other hard-to-sell assets after your passing.

It’s important to note that either of the two – a will or a living trust – allow you to name a guardian for children.

Benefits of a living trust

A trust isn’t the right solution for everyone. But, trusts have been rapidly growing in popularity because they’ve helped many families and business owners in Arizona.

Small businesses in particular rely on trusts to allow the enterprise to continue operations during the succession process.

And, there are other reasons for the popularity of trusts, too.

A living trust can save money

A trust costs a modest amount of money to create and administer, but a professionally-drafted set of living trust documents can offer significant savings over time.

Anytime a business shutdown or operating delays would be caused by probate issues, there should be benefits in using a trust instead of a simple will.

Control and privacy

Probate may expose an estate to unwanted eyes. Living trusts give you control and privacy.

Instead of spurring a family brawl by using a basic will, we can help you avoid conflicts and speed the future succession with trust documents crafted to meet your exact requirements.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we’re known for writing trust documents that protect family businesses, build legacies and ensure smooth transitions between generations.

A well-written will or trust can give you peace of mind about the future. To learn more, contact us today!

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