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Tucson Legal Documents, Legal Document Assistance, Tucson, AZ

About Us

Tucson Legal Documents, LLC is southern Arizona’s best source for expert legal and business document preparation services.

We’re certified by the Arizona Supreme Court to prepare your documents and file them, and we also serve the parties with legal notice and provide other services as requested.

Our office is conveniently located in Tucson, and we’re available for free consultations by appointment.

We’ve chosen our profession because we’re dedicated to providing people with affordable, expertly-written documents that help achieve goals and change lives.

We make complex documents simpler

Writing legal documents is a task best left to those with a special talent for choosing the right words to win the best results, like our team of Certified Document Preparers and paralegal staff.

Preparing and filing legal and business documents is our passion. We’re not lawyers, and in most cases you don’t need an attorney anyway.

When you’re faced with complex document requirements that involve writing and filing, you have several choices – You can choose a lawyer, or you can choose a more affordable Certified Document Preparer instead.

We’re professional document writers whose job is to prepare all the documents and file the appropriate forms for any kind of court process or legal matter.

And, we also prepare every type of corporate registration and filing, too.

We help new Tucson businesses create the best articles of organization and operating agreements for their companies, so they can grow quickly and have peace of mind.

Why we do it

Our vision is for a world in which everyone has access to affordable legal documents, and our mission is to serve the entire Tucson community with a special focus on child and family legal document services.

We invite you to learn how the right documents can help you reach your own goals, whether family, business or personal.