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Deeds in Tucson

If you’re buying, selling or transferring real property here in the Tucson area, you’ll need to have a well-written deed so the ownership remains clear.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC we can prepare the best real estate deed to meet your exact needs.

The right property deed for Tucson real estate

A deed is a legal document that transfers and confirms ownership rights and interests in property.

It’s usually associated with the transfer of property rights and real estate titles. In order to reduce the chance of ownership claims and disputes later, you’ll want a professional to write your deed.

Our team of Certified Document Preparers and paralegal staff can help make sure that your property transfer is successful, by drafting a deed that fulfills your objectives and protects your property from later claims.

Quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds and other property deeds

As Tucson’s leading legal document preparation service, we’re often asked to prepare quitclaim deeds, warranty deeds and other documents necessary to transfer real estate interests.

Tucson quitclaim deed

A quitclaim deed, also called a quit claim, or even sometimes a “quick claim” deed, is a legal document which releases or “quits” someone’s interest in real property.

As a “grantor” you can use this document to convey to a “grantee” any ownership interest that you may or may not have in the property.

The quit claim deed serves as a quick claim release, since it makes a legal record showing that someone is giving up any claim or potential future claim to the property, even if that person has never had any prior recorded interest in it.

Family members often use a quitclaim deed to step aside and clear a real estate title so that others can own the property without question.

Warranty deeds in Tucson

Here in Tucson, a warranty deed is the most common way to transfer real property.

The warranty deed is used to transfer property, and just as the name implies this deed also gives a guarantee that the property’s title is free from any defects.

Beneficiary deeds

We also specialize in preparing beneficiary deeds. The beneficiary deed offers you a low-cost way to transfer real property here in Arizona, by avoiding the expense and delay of probate.

Tucson’s best deeds

Our paralegal team can help you make sure property interests and ownership are recorded accurately, and transferred according to your wishes.

We prepare expert deeds and other legal documents that facilitate the transfer of homes, businesses and commercial property throughout southern Arizona.

For example, we often work with families seeking a timely transfer of real estate between generations when an elder passes.

And, we also help families create living trusts which speed the transfer of real estate, businesses and other assets without probate.

If you want to buy or sell property, place it into a corporation or trust, or address any property rights issues, we can help.

To learn more about which kind of deed is best for your property, just contact us.

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