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Informal Probate

Informal probate in Tucson

If a family member has left property in Tucson or anywhere in Arizona, there are several ways to probate the estate.

Informal probate with or without a will is the simplest scenario, and it works well if the estate doesn’t face any serious legal issues.

Keep in mind that estates with significant legal issues – such as a contested will – are generally subject to formal probate.

And, it’s important to note that some estates will qualify for a simplified form of probate, while others won’t require any probate.

Here in Arizona, many kinds of assets aren’t subject to any probate at all.

Such assets pass onward automatically to the chosen beneficiaries as designated in a will or trust, according to your wishes.

It’s also possible to avoid probate entirely. This can help prevent family squabbles and business continuity problems.

We often help families create living trusts that avoid probate and provide a timely transition and succession for businesses and properties.

In any event, Tucson Legal Documents, LLC can prepare the right documents to help you speed through the probate process as quickly as possible, or avoid it entirely.

Arizona informal probate

Informal probate is the most basic type of probate used in Arizona.

Informal probate is ideal anytime there’s a valid, unchallenged will and the size of the estate is relatively small.

The personal representative (executor) is appointed by the court and allowed to administer the estate with only minimal oversight by the court.

The right Arizona probate documents

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC our team of Certified Document Preparers and paralegal staff can help by drafting the right probate documents to achieve your goals.

We specialize in creating all the legal documents you’ll need for informal probate processes.

Whether there’s a will or not, we can prepare the legal documents necessary for you and your family to designate the estate’s personal representative and administer its assets.

To learn more about probate documents, contact us today.

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