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Formal Probate

Formal probate in Tucson

If your family member has left property in Arizona, you may need certain legal documents to complete formal probate with or without a will.

We can help. At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC our team of Certified Document Preparers and paralegal staff can make sure you have well written probate documents ready for filing.

Of course, informal probate is the simplest route through probate, but if the estate is facing any legal issues then formal probate with or without a will may be required.

Formal probate is usually necessary when there’s a legal question regarding management or distribution of the estate.

For example, if one or more family members object to the appointment of another member as personal representative (executor), then the court may order that the estate be handled through formal probate procedures.

Likewise, if family members contest the will regarding distribution of assets, or if there are legal or monetary claims against the estate itself, then formal probate with or without a will may be required to ensure fairness for all.

In any event, we can help make sure that you’ll have the right documents for whichever type of probate process you need.

Plan ahead to avoid probate

Beyond preparing all the documents needed for formal or informal probate, we can also help you provide a secure future for your family and business by creating a living trust.

If you’re planning far ahead and you’re looking for ways to avoid probate issues in the future, we can help you create the right documents to ensure your legacy remains intact through a seamless business succession.

A living trust lets you avoid probate, so your business can continue uninterrupted and your property can pass to your designated beneficiaries without family squabbles.

Along with the other documents for estate planning, we can also help you create a beneficiary deed for your property so that it goes directly to your intended beneficiary, without probate.

Formal probate in Tucson

If you need to file probate anywhere in Arizona, we can provide all the necessary legal documents, tailored to meet your exact needs.

To learn more about probate documents, contact us today.

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