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Paternity and Child Support

If you weren’t married at the time your child was born, then you’ll need to file the appropriate legal documents with a court in Tucson in order to establish paternity and parental rights.

Even though the word “paternity” is often assumed to refer only to determining a child’s parentage on the father’s side, in a broader legal sense the term relates to all court actions that parents must take if children were born outside marriage.

Paternity documents may be filed by either of the parents, and these legal documents are used to establish paternity as well as to resolve child custody, support and visitation issues.

Even if parents initially agree about matters regarding their minor children, things may change over time.

Paternity documents are important because they ensure a more certain future for children.

Paternity documents help define the father’s rights and responsibilities, including the terms of child custody and child support, as well as establishing a court-mandated visitation schedule.

Well-written paternity documents can also help block the placement of a child into foster care, or terminate adoption proceedings.

Importantly, paternity documents can help give parents greater control over medical and education decisions for their children.

And, expertly-prepared legal documents can also establish a child’s right to inheritances as well as social security and health insurance benefits.

The right legal documents

If you’re a father you may want to file the right legal documents to make a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity for your child, so that you can legally establish your role in the child’s life.

That way you’ll be able to enjoy visitation rights and have the ability to make decisions about your child’s life.

Of course, mothers may also file legal documents to protect children’s rights and resolve issues of parentage.

When a well-written legal document is received, the court can order paternity testing to determine questions of fatherhood.

Likewise, a child’s guardian or any governmental department of social or child services can file paternity documents to protect children.

Expert child support modification services in Tucson

If you need help in preparing the documents to win a Child Support Modification here in Tucson, we can help.

At Tucson Legal Documents, LLC our child support paralegal team specializes in writing compelling petitions that bring comprehensive court orders.

It’s important to understand that you’ll need a ‘modification’ of an existing payment schedule set by a previous court order.

Keep in mind that most child support orders seem fair when they’re first entered, but over time financial circumstances can change.

So, you need the right legal documents to overcome an established status quo which is usually contested by the other parent.

There are several different legal avenues through which we may be able to help you change the amount of child support being paid.

We’ll move your petition forward as quickly as possible, and we have plenty of experience in managing each stage of the conference and hearing process.

Children always come first

Even better, sometimes we’re able to motivate parents to reach quick child support modification agreements out-of-court that serve their children best.

To learn more about paternity and child support, contact us today!

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